Personal Computing – missing the point

Discovered a blog post titled ‘Anemic Applications‘ today on reddit about Alan Kay (famous computer scientist).  The blogger, Phil Windley, outlines Alan Kay’s position on the personal computing of today (post written in 2004).

Here’s a few quotes form the post:

“Kaye’s chief complaint is that all we’ve done is replace business processes that were formerly done with pen and paper with computerized versions. Word processors are just fancy typewriters, email is just a substitute for memos, and so on. They’re faster, but not really different.”

“What does Kaye envision? He says: If business users were less shortsighted they would seek to create computer models of their companies and constantly simulate potential changes. But the computers most business people use today are not suited for that. The chances that in the last week or year or month you’ve used the computer to simulate some interesting idea is zero-but that’s what it’s for.”

Worth a read if you’ve the time (sort of makes you think).


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