Information Overload

So much information, so little time!  I think you know what I mean.

The Guardian yesterday published a very good article on information overload.

Too many emails, texts and tweets can lead to rising anxiety, lower intelligence – and a generation of BlackBerry orphans

If you work at a computer for any length of time you will be well aware of the flood of information that comes your way either by choice or not.  Think about it:

  • Emails – they just never stop
  • Tweets – following too many and afraid to miss something important
  • RSS feeds – so valuable, have to fight the urge to add another
  • Digg – must catch up on the news
  • Delicious – must bookmark that page to read later, but I don’t
  • Facebook – not on it (yet)
  • Blogs – love them, but so many

I can really relate to this comment:

I’m an applications developer and have to try to keep pace with changing technology so it’s not just emails and texts, it’s blogs, feeds, internet radio, podcasts, hardware, smart phones, communities, news sites, tweets, alpha releases, beta releases, platforms, languages, frameworks.. massive constant, information overload, twenty four hours a day, ad infinitum. I could fill my day twice over reading blogs alone and do nothing else. Information is unrelenting, I read everything and yet I remember nothing. I can barely remember telephone numbers anymore. Other symptoms: constant headaches, broken sleep, distracted thought, and piles of unfinished books. I haven’t found a way to beat it but I’m not sure there is a way to win.. apart from living in your shed.
Guardian reader named keithjalapeno

How do I combat this?  I chill out to a free audio book from LibriVox or actually do some physical work well away from any electronic device.


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