Google Chrome OS

Google has provided more details on it’s Chrome OS.  Watch their YouTube video to learn more:

Here are Mashable’s differences between Chrome OS and other OS:

  1. The browser IS the OS
  2. It’s designed to fix itself
  3. All apps are web apps, no installations
  4. Chrome OS doesn’t support drivers and will not run on your laptop
  5. Super-fast startup speeds (we’re talking seconds here)

I think this is a very positive development.  As the video states we are now spending increasingly more time on the internet which raises the question: what’s the point of all that other OS stuff if all you really need is a web browser?

I really like the idea of no more updates interrupting you or the need to install programs because all the applications are web-based.  This just seems a simplier model that I think a lot of people will welcome (especially of the price is right). It will not be an over night change but I do feel it is in the right direction.

Where does this leave Windows?

I don’t think things are going to change to much.  Microsoft may lose some market share but hopefully the result will be a greater awareness by consumers that there are real alternatives out there to Windows and only a big name like Google can achieve that.

Further reading:


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