E-mail Newsletters

I’m sure we’ve all received email newsletters at one time or another.  They can be very useful and informative (those from Amazon) or a nuisance (those that are unsolicited*).

Ever wondered why they are so popular as a marketing tool?  This article outlines some of the reasons why: E-mail Marketing for Freelancers.

If you think an email newsletter could be useful for your organisation or club here are some design tips and resources: 20 E-mail Design Best Practices and Resources for Beginners.

Let us know your thoughts on email newsletters, especially now in an age of social media spaces such as facebook.

* Personally, anytime I receive unsolicited emails I mark them as spam/junk in my email client.  I never unsubscribe as I don’t want to confirm my address as live to the sender and therefore open the gates to a lot more.


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