Prevent related videos appearing on your embedded YouTube video

I embedded a YouTube video on a website recently when I discovered that one of the related videos that appeared at the end was, lets just say, inappropriate!  It had to go!  There seems to be no way of directly influencing what appears here as it’s determined by YouTube, though tagging the videos correctly should be helpful.

So I decided to remove the related videos part altogether form the video.  This turned out very easy to do by simply adding: &rel=0 at the end of the YouTube URLs in the embedded code.

Of course after all that work I actually found an even easier way to correct the problem with no need to get my hands dirty with the embed code.  On the YouTube video page beside the embed code there is a customise button (circled red on the picture below) that expands to display further options.

YouTube Video Customisation options

YouTube Video Player options

The YouTube player has a number of other parameters that are not available in this customise section that you may find useful.

Here’s some help on embedding YouTube in WordPress.

If you know of any other related tips and resources please feel free to share in the comments.


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