Social Media Job Description

So what responsibilities etc would be in a Social Media job description?

This required a review of existing job descriptions so where better to start than Mashable Jobs.

Here is some of the language used:


Monitoring and Measurement

  • Monitoring brand activity on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook
  • Driving and measuring traffic sent from social media efforts
  • Establishing benchmarks for measuring the impact of social media efforts
  • Monitoring trends
  • Analytics and campaign statistics tracking
  • Stay current with social media trends, language, outlets, and resources on how to best promote awareness
  • Monitor media activity through RSS feeds and social bookmarking sites (i.e. Technorati, Delicious, Digg, Reddit, etc.)
  • Organize, analyze and summarize Web analytics

User Engagement

  • Engaging with users on a daily basis via online communities
  • Developing campaigns for Facebook and Twitter to help build brand awareness
  • Identify and build relationships with other bloggers
  • Increase traffic through an effective search engine optimization and online visibility strategy
  • Become the voice of Organisation in the social media space, engaging in dialogues and answering questions where appropriate and engage in conversation with our target market


  • Managing multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Educate colleagues Social Community awareness and how to use the tools available
  • Maintain an appropriate schedule for updating material and researching trends in the social media community
  • Provide education on overall social industry landscape and best practice
  • Updating and managing Twitter and Facebook profiles and other relevant social networking sites
  • Manage RSS feeds and bookmarking
  • Help design, customize and maintain social media accounts

Creating and Managing Content

  • Creating content and syndicating it across selected networks
  • Write, proof and compile content
  • Maintain and post social media content on Social networking sites e.g. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube


  • Educate, ideate and support teams in the area of social media, word of mouth, social media monitoring, benchmarking, reporting and innovation
  • Work with teams to develop action plans for achieving and measuring social programs success, including determining key metrics, processes for measurement and optimization
  • Develop a standard set of tools and best practices for monitoring social media
  • Develop guidelines for evaluating benefits and risks for certain Social Media engagements


  • Success growing brands through social media efforts
  • Experience and engagement with social networks e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Ning
  • Experience with WordPress
  • Experience with social media monitoring tools
  • Knowledge of measurement tools like Google Analytics
  • Excellent interpersonal and written communication skills
  • Basic understanding of SEM, SEO and affiliate marketing
  • Understanding and interest in using the social media outlets for B2B and B2C interaction
  • Strong command of social media monitoring and reporting tools
  • Strong computer skills, with experience in WordPress and Drupal; basic knowledge of HTML and/or Markup syntax

This is the list of Job Descriptions that were reviewed on Mashable to compile the post:

Other suggestions are most welcome.


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