Some Simple Security Tips from Europe

Found some simple security awareness videos on the ENISA website (yeah I know, I never heard of them either but it stands for the European Network and Information Security Agency).

The videos focus on creating awareness of data security in every day situations.  The messages are basically obvious so to save you a few clicks I noted some here:

  • Working on sensitive information in public can be expensive! (so be careful and watch out for those shoulder surfers)
  • Use a strong password … combine letters, numbers and symbols which are easy for you to remember, but difficult for others to guess! (always a good idea)
  • Be careful where you store your password.  Keep it in a safe place! (not on a post-it note on your computer!)
  • Ctrl + Alt + Delete … to protect your data! (always lock that computer – it’s the front door to your digital world)
  • Avoid printing confidential information if not necessary! (or get to the printer fast)

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