Social Media for SMEs

Steve Garnett, EMEA chairman at, has written an interesting article on social media for SMEs titled: How SMEs can use social networking to get their message across. He discusses how social media should be seen as an opportunity for SMEs (he also mentions how some of his products can help).

I would suggest you read the full article but here are a few points I’ve lifted for those of you who are time poor:

  • SMEs need to be aware that many people are discussing their products and services online therefore they need to monitor and track these
  • SMEs need to respond quickly to users online to prevent potential problems escalating and not to get left behind and lose business to competitors
  • SMEs need to recognise the potential of tapping into ‘the wisdom of the crowd’ for answers and ideas
  • SMEs need to turn positive perceptions into hard metrics for a social media business case to justify a ROI and inclusion into the companies overall strategy

Steve concludes his discussion on social media for SMEs by saying:

Driven by new technologies such as cloud computing, the business model for user engagement is changing fast. If they wish to achieve competitive edge, SMEs need to be aware of this and to take appropriate action. If they fail to do so, they risk being left behind by their rivals in this increasingly dynamic new world of online engagement.


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