A beginner’s guide to Twitter

If you are thinking of using Twitter for your business then have a read of this IT Pro article: A beginner’s guide to Twitter for business.

I’ve lifted a few points for your quick reference, but it is worth reading the full article:

  • find out who in your business circle has a Twitter account and follow them
  • option for Twitter to read your address book and add those on your list who are already on the site
  • big advantage of something like Twitter over email or a social network is that unsolicited following or adding is very much part of the how the website works – though be careful that you don’t come across as spamming in your tweets
  • the great thing about Twitter is that there are no hard and fast rules – it’s very much up to you how you want to use it
  • using the @username option and direct message systems, you’ll be able to talk and ask questions in a much more open way than in a LinkedIn type network
  • ‘retweet’ or RT – putting this in your message means that you’re repeating a message that somebody else has tweeted
  • share articles and blog posts by placing links into your tweets so that followers can click through to them
  • there are a range of applications that can help you manage your twitter account e.g. Tweetdeck
  • to make your business use it properly will take organisation, time and a proper strategy
  • with the Twitter Search function you’ll be able to find tweets about your product, which you can respond to as you see fit

It’s also worth reading How to use Twitter effectively for businesses in Northern Ireland on NI Tech Blog.  The article is written by Lee Munroe, who has compiled an excellent collection of tips.


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