Publish your blog to Twitter using Twitterfeed



If you want to promote your blog post through twitter then is for you.  Twitterfeed acts like a publisher; when it finds new blog posts it will tweet a shortened version, usually the title, to your twitter timeline.  Of course Twitterfeed needs to be configured but it’s fairly simple and supports multiple feeds.

Basically, you setup a twitterfeed account and submit your blog’s RSS feed and twitter account details.

Here are the steps:

Set-up the Twitterfeed account and then click the ‘Create New Feed’ button on the Feed Dashboard:

1. Get your RSS feed from your blog (it generally represented by a little orange box) and give it a name.

Twitterfeed Step 1

Twitterfeed Step 1

Note: there is an Advanced Settings link.  This allows you to customise how Twitterfeed tweets your blog posts. Of particular interest is the ‘Shorten link through’ option which allows you to select a url shortener for the blog post links in the tweet.  This gives you the option of monitoring these links.  For example, if you selected you will need a account to provide the appropriate API login and key to Twitterfeed so the shortened URLs generated are recorded against your account where you have the option to monitor clicks.

2. Next under available services select Twitter (notice that there are other services)

3. Click Done – your blog should now be checked every hour, if you kept the default settings, and new posts published to your twitter timeline.

Automating your tweets is very handy but there is a danger your followers may get bored so it’s still important to make normal tweets to maintain engagement.

This is the method used to publish these blog posts on the @itstuff4u Twitter account.


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