Google Chromebook: an easier way to get online?

Google are preparing to launch their new laptop the Google Chromebook.

What is it?

Bascially, it’s a browser in a laptop and nothing much else.  All content is stored in Google’s cloud (internet).

Why would I want that?

Well, many people will not like that – fair enough!  However, others may see some advantages especially if they spend a lot of time on the internet:

  • Less hassle – forget about running anti-virus, installing programs, configuring the operating system.  Switch it on and away you go.
  • Less worries – all your data is in the Google cloud and can be accessed from any computer or internet enabled device.  If it doesn’t need AV then surely it’s a safer way to browse the web?

Here’s the pitch from Google:


Is this simpler approach, with less technical barriers, a good device to get more people online?

Personally, I think it is.


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