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Review of Chrome OS by Wired

Wired UK have posted a useful review of Google’s new Chrome OS Cr-48 laptop:

Spending a week with Chrome OS

Here’s what I particularly like:

It’s also a great machine to give to technophobes — Chrome OS is simply and easy to understand, and those users are less likely to need the grunt of desktop programs. Don’t forget the security benefits either — the way Chrome OS is happy to install its own updates quietly in the background, and the near-absence of any extra software to compromise, means that there’s no mucking around with antivirus programs.

Due out later this year, it is definitely one to keep a look out for.


New Apple iPad

Check out the new Apple iPad:

Looks very cool.  Will be interesting to see the reviews and to actually hold one.  I feel another visit to the Apple store coming on for a look see!  (Two or three months to wait!!!)

Update: More info on the iPad

Mac Cheat Sheets

We purchased a new iMac in work recently and whilst it’s easy to use there are differences between OS X (Apple’s operating system) and Windows.

To help the learning curve I found a nice collection of Mac Cheat Sheets: 16 USEFUL MAC CHEAT SHEETS

Especially useful is the One Page Crash Course in Switching to the Mac.  In fact the website is very good.

Another good source is’s The Mac Guide.

ASUS Eee PC 1000HE 10-inch Netbook

Recently purchased this Netbook on Amazon and have to say I’m very impressed.  Lovely design, especially the keyboard, and the battery life is good though I’m not getting close to the advertised 9.5 hours.  To be fair I have installed a few programs which may not be helping just as SQL Server Express and Visual Web Developer.

I’m pleased with it and consider the money well spent.