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Big Bang Theory – Call Me Maybe


Leeroy Jenkins – an Internet Meme

I rediscovered this hilarious meme on Twitter today. You may remember it from years ago. It features a group of players discussing a battle strategy in World of Warcraft when one of their number (Leeroy Jenkins) suddenly decides to go straight into battle, leaving the others standing, yelling the line:

“Let’s do this, Leeeeeeeeeroy Jenkins!”

Here’s the video, enjoy! (Warning: includes the F word and similar)

Video by pj007101

A full description of this meme can be found on Wikipedia.

Useful websites from the Gadget Show

Channel Five’s the Gadget Show lists the top 5 websites you’ve never heard of (video with Suzi).

Here they are for your convenience:
  1. http://animoto.com/ (create unique video from your own photos. videos and music)
  2. http://joobili.com/ (inspiring travel destinations)
  3. http://alternativeto.net/ (get alternative software)
  4. http://www.supercook.com/ (get recipes)
  5. http://youconvertit.com/ (convert files)

Another list, this time the top 5 pointless but fun websites (video with Jason)

  1. http://www.tinyurl.com/pressthespacebar (game)
  2. http://futureme.org/ (send emails in the future)
  3. http://googlefight.com/ (most popular search word wins)
  4. http://fallingsandgame.com/ (some sort of game!!)
  5. http://www.jacksonpollock.org (create abstract art)

Other really useful websites:

Feel free to share others you know.